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Site of Former Grace Hospital to Become Downtown Health and Well-Being Centre

The site of the former Grace Hospital in St. John's will become the site of the new Downtown Health and Well-Being Centre.

The new centre will provide urgent care and primary care, including a family care team, for residents in the downtown St. John’s area. It will also provide outreach services to the Downtown Health Care Collaborative.

Services will also be provided for people with mental health and addiction challenges who do not require hospitalization, but need additional support before transitioning home.

Existing services, such as the Assertive Community Team and Flexible Assertive Community Treatment Team, outpatient psychiatry clinics, day treatment program, Psychosis Intervention Early Recovery Program; and services currently offered at the Recovery Centre in Pleasantville for people who are experiencing withdrawal from alcohol and substances will also be relocated to the new building.

Tom Osborne Minister of Health and Community Services said, “The Health Accord NL recommendations are guiding us as we improve access to health care in all regions of the province. The new Downtown Health and Well-Being Centre will be a welcome addition for the community and complement our other family care teams, urgent care centres, and new Mental Health and Addictions Centre.”


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