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Applications Open for Inclusion and Capacity Grant Programs

Applications are now being accepted for Inclusion and Capacity Grant Programs.

In total, $325,000 has been allocated for the Inclusion and Capacity Grant Programs. These application-based programs help to advance the accessibility and inclusion of persons with disabilities in their communities.

There are two programs:

  1. The Inclusion Grant Program is project specific and available to eligible community-based and non-profit organizations to help create more accessible and inclusive facilities and events. This can include renovation projects or disability-related accommodations for events and meetings.

  2. The Capacity Grant Program is designed to help non-profit community-based organizations, incorporated municipalities, and Indigenous Governments and Organizations to build capacity to prevent and remove barriers to inclusion by building a positive image of disability, and enabling persons with disabilities to become fully engaged in their community.

The deadline for applications for both programs is Friday, June 2.


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