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Another remarkable discovery under Carbonear street

Facebook/Carbonear Heritage Society

As Carbonear's Downtown Revitalization Project gets underway, work crews have made another discovery.

Last week, a structure was discovered under the street that turned out to be a drain. Today, there has been another discovery.

Cellars have been found under the streets. These features are fully intact and are beneath the sidewalk just east of where the rock drain was found.

Each cellar has its own entrance. The structures are made of stone and are approximately 8 feet wide, 10 feet long and maybe 7 feet high at their peak.

Keith Thomas of the Carbonear Heritage Society has been in the cellars and said “they are in remarkable shape, like the day they were made”. The age of the structures have not been determined as it has not yet been inspected by an archeologist. They are expected however to be of considerable age.


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