The Sad Story of Tilt Cove

Back in 1857, Smith McKay discovered rich deposits of copper ore and in 1864, in conjunction with C.F. Bennett, began mining operations in Tilt Cove. In the 1880s, the Tilt Cove mine changed ownership to the Cape Copper Company.

In 1916, the population peaked to 1500.

In 1892, the Newfoundland Colonist, a newspaper, described Tilt Cove as "the leading town in Notre Dame Bay, with the sides, top and bottom of the mines being one solid mass of copper, looking as if it would be everlasting".

In 1920 the mines closed and the population dropped to around 100 and remained that way until the mines reopened in 1957. The Tilt Cove mine was reopened by Canadian mining promoter Matthew James Boylen as a result of Newfoundland and Labrador government policy to encourage mineral exploration and revitalize mining communities and Tilt Cove experienced a rebirth.

Based on the 2011 census Tilt Cove has a population of 5, but another source gives the population as 7.