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Update on Avalon Child Care

Regulated child care services on the Avalon Peninsula are permitted to operate at up to 50 per cent capacity.

The decision was made to address some of the child care needs that still exist for essential workers in the Avalon region, and services can only increase capacity provided that current public health measures of cohorting, mask/shield wearing and physical distancing can be maintained.

Services are still required to limit spaces to existing clients. While regulated child care services are private businesses that set their own operational approaches within regulations, the department provides the following recommendation on prioritizing which children should return as part of the 50 per cent:

  • First priority should continue to go to families where parents are required to leave their homes to report to their workplace;

  • Second priority can go to families where one or more parents are required to work from home; and

  • Third priority can go to any other family with a spot, provided capacity remains.

  • This change for the Avalon region follows the change to allow regulated child care services in the Central, Western and Labrador regions to operate at full capacity as they enter Alert Level 4.


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