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St. John's announces new Strategic Plan Progress and Initiatives for 2024

The City of St. John's has announced new Strategic Plan Progress and Initiatives for 2024. The City plans to start 53 new initiatives, bringing the total number of initiatives in the plan to 264.

A few new projects of note for 2024 include:

  • Route 10 as a wheelchair accessible service route on Metrobus

  • Work with First Voice on the Community Action Plan (items pertaining to City)

  • Wetland Study Phase 2B Functional Assessment

  • Neighbourhood plans for two areas

  • Intersection and pedestrian safety improvements

  • Construction of three Shared Use Paths for which engagement took place in 2023

  • Development of a crime prevention strategy

  • Advancement of the Housing Accelerator Fund

  • 2024 Resident Satisfaction Survey

  • E-permitting for electrical, plumbing and building permits

Some projects may have multiple phases and take several years to complete.


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