Reports of Wolves in Port Hope Simpson Area

Residents of Port Hope Simpson are asked to be vigilant following reports of wolves roaming in and around the community.

Conservation Officers with the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture are conducting patrols. With the support of local trappers, over the coming day's officers will continue to monitor areas known to be frequented by wolves.

Wolves have been known to occasionally attack small to medium-sized pets.

Pet owners are advised to protect their animals by:

  • Keeping them indoors or in confined areas such as a fenced yard;

  • Limiting the number of time pets spend outside, especially after dark; and

  • Supervising pets at all times while outside.

  • Individuals should also exercise caution when feeding pets outdoors, as this practice may attract wildlife such as wolves and polar bears.

If you should encounter a wolf:

  • Stay calm;

  • Give the animal space;

  • Back away slowly – never run; and

  • Avoid direct eye contact with the animal.




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