Remembering The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge Day is a day to commemorate the deaths and casualties of members of the Canadian Corps in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which took place during the First World War.

The holiday has been observed annually on 9 April since 2003. It is a non-statutory observance.

For the first time, all four Canadian divisions were to be assembled to operate in combat as a corps.

The Canadian divisions were joined by the British 5th Infantry Division, and reinforced by artillery, engineer and labour units.

The Canadian Corps was supported to the north by the 24th British Division of I Corps which advanced north of the Souchez river and by the advancing XVII Corps to the south.

The attack began at 5:30 a.m. on Easter Monday, 9 April 1917, whereupon every artillery piece at the disposal of the Canadian Corps began firing.

Light field guns laid down a barrage which advanced in predetermined increments, often 100 yards every three minutes, while medium and heavy howitzers established a series of standing barrages further ahead, against known defensive systems.

The corps had suffered 10,602 casualties; 3,598 killed and 7,004 wounded.