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Real or Artificial Christmas Tree: Which is Better?

If you celebrate Christmas, there's a good chance you have your tree up. Is it real or artificial? Which one is better for the environment?

While it may seem clear cut (pun intended), cutting down a real tree must harm the environment right? Yes, but not to the extent you might think.

According to Statistics Canada, 97 per cent of the artificial Christmas trees purchased in Canada come from China. Emissions are generated by manufacturing the artificial and then are the emissions for shipping the trees to Canada. One artificial tree won't last forever. Once you discard the tree it goes to the landfill and it is not biodegradable.

Real trees on the other hand are most likely grown close to home and during their average lifespan, capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Real trees also provide local jobs to tree farmers and your money stays here.

So real trees are better in more ways than one.


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