Real Ghost Stories of Newfoundland

We've rounded up some spooky real ghost stories from Newfoundland.

Matthew Caravan-Benoite

I was in my 2nd year of Massage Therapy School (around 2008) in St. John’s and I was living in a very small bachelor apartment on the 2nd floor above Oliver’s Restaurant on Duckworth Street.

At the time Jon and I were dating but not living together, so I lived alone. I was awoken from my sleep around 1:15 am by what sounded like someone trying to open a locked door by pulling back and forth on the doorknob aggressively. I didn’t think much of it, so I opened my bedroom door and walking into the porch and looked outside my apartment door, but no one was there. I thought maybe it was coming from one of the other two apartments.

I went back to sleep and was woken up again perhaps 30 minutes later to the same sound, only this time it sounded like it was my bedroom door, which was moving back and forth ever so slightly. What made me more nervous was that my bedroom door was broken and just earlier that weekend the doorknob broke (I lived in a rundown apartment) so it was just the hole and the latch and no doorknob, so there was no way to make the sound I was hearing.

At this point I was starting to get freaked out so I called Jon, to see if he would come over. He told me to go back to bed that I was dreaming and had imagined the entire thing. He didn’t want to get up at almost 2 am to come downtown.

So I decide to have a shower to relax, then I head back to sleep. I awoke again, this time around 3:30 am to what I thought was Jon sitting on the opposite side of my bed. I thought “aww he felt bad and came over for the night” but I was wrong. When I looked he wasn’t there but the bed has a slight indentation in it, which freaked me out once more. So once again I turn on the lights, call Jon (this time underneath the blankets) and ask him to come to get me. He tried to calm me down but agreed to come to get me because if he didn’t I was going to get a cab to his place.

I gather my things for class the next day, and when I come back into my room to grab my cell phone charger, in the corner opposite to by bed, standing next to the window into the alleyway was the faint apparition of a lady with a wrinkled face and thin greasy gray hair, wearing what looked like a dress, and a loosely crocheted shawl draped over her shoulder. I didn’t stick around to have a second look because that scared me so I went to wait on the street.

I never slept another night in that apartment. The following night I went to work (at the time I worked at a bar) and telling my friend Barry (who used to live in that apartment a few years prior) about what had happened, and before I had a chance to tell him about the old women he said “Oh! Did you see the old lady too? She’s harmless, she shows up sometimes and makes a racket.” I was floored because he described her in perfect detail to what I had seen.

Fast forward another year or two (I had long since been moved out of that apartment) I run into this guy named Mark, who was living in that old apartment. He asked me if I had experienced anything weird when I was living there. I asked him if he had seen the old woman, and described her to him. He had also seen her and was surprised I was able to describe her so well. I believe he moved out of the apartment shortly after that.

I did find out that there had been several deaths in that building over the years, so It is hard to say who the ghost might be.

Bonnie Moss

My mother said when she was younger (90 years old now) a man in Winterton passed away.

A few years later they when they built a church, there was a knocking in the church.

The church was built where the man was buried and part of the church was where his foot was.

They moved the church a few feet and the knocking ceased.

Darren Young

My friend and I were going to go to a movie at the theatre.

Around 7:00 pm that night we hear a baby crying in a wooded area.

We ran home to tell my mom when we heard.

She said in the 1960s there was no road in Mattis Point they had to travel in a boat to cross to get to a doctor's. The baby died in the same area me and my friend heard the crying.

Some stories have been edited for clarity and some names have been altered.




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