RCMP Removes Aggressive Impaired Driver from TCH #nltraffic

RCMP Traffic Services East arrested a 27-year-old Whiteway woman for drug-impaired driving following a traffic stop for high speed, conducted by RCMP on Tuesday.

Police were using a hand-held lidar speed detection device to monitor the speeds of motorists near Witless Bay Line on the Trans-Canada Highway. Officers observed a car travelling in an aggressive manner and obtained its speed at 145 km/h.

As officers were attempting to stop the car, it was weaving in its lane, almost striking other vehicles. The car came to a stop and the driver, who showed signs of impairment, was arrested for drug-impaired driving.

She was transported to Holyrood Detachment and completed a drug influence evaluation. Officers are waiting for the results of the testing to determine if the woman will be charged with drug impaired driving. Her driver's license was suspended and her vehicle was seized and impounded.