Province to Cover Transportation Costs of Patients Affected by Cyberattack

The province will foot the bill for those who travelled for appointments that were cancelled after the cyberattack.

Patients who had started travel prior to November 2 and were unable to attend all medical appointments due to cancellations are eligible for complete reimbursement for medical travel costs.

  • For flights, ferries, busses, and taxi or car rentals, 100 percent will be reimbursed. Receipts are required.

  • Anyone using a private vehicle will receive $0.20 per kilometre. Purchased accommodations will be reimbursed up to a $125 nightly per diem. Receipts are required and private accommodations will receive $25 nightly per diem.

  • Meals will be reimbursed $29 daily per diem for each patient and escort.

No portion of a Labrador resident’s $1,000 allowance will be applied against their reimbursement for costs incurred above.