Polar Bear Warning Issued for Roddickton Area

There has been a report of a polar bear in the Horse Chops area near the Town of Roddickton.

This polar bear is not believed to be associated with three polar bears confirmed to be present in the St. Anthony area recently.

Conservation Officers have been monitoring the movement of these bears last observed on sea ice off the community of St. Lunaire-Griquet.

The public is strongly encouraged to remain at a safe distance to avoid encounters with polar bears and to provide Conservation Officers with adequate space to perform their duties in a safe manner.

Residents are encouraged to keep pets inside or under close supervision, travel in groups when outdoors if possible, and never approach a fresh kill or carcass. Always adhere to the proper storage, collection and disposal of garbage to avoid attracting bears into communities and yards.

Under no circumstances should residents approach a polar bear.


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