Permit Allows Farmers to Shoot Problem Moose after Dark

Changes to provincial wildlife regulations now provide farmers with more options to address the problem of moose causing crop damage on farms at night. This includes a special permit allowing farmers to shoot problem moose at night.

Farmers can obtain additional information about how to obtain a special permit by contacting their area Agriculture Development Officer.

The amendments also take into account considerations for public safety. The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources have worked with farmers to develop permit conditions that include:

  • Prioritization of non-lethal crop protection methods whenever possible;

  • Farm specific Agricultural Depredation Plans that identify when and where lethal removal can occur;

  • Limitations on firearm types such as high velocity and long-range firearms; and

  • A requirement for all designated shooters on farms to have completed a hunter and safety education program and be eligible to hold a big game licence.


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