Pedestrian Mall Events Require Approval

The City of St. John's is reminding business owners within the boundaries of the Water Street Pedestrian Mall that outdoor events that are beyond the footprint of their business, and occur on City property, must be approved by the City’s Special Events division and are required to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Event organizers in the City of St. John’s are required to submit a Special Event Application for all outdoor event approvals. The application is reviewed by the Special Event Advisory Committee and approvals are provided via a Letter of Permit. The permit process helps to ensure that all City departments and external agencies required to provide services are aware of and prepared for potential conditions arising from the event.

To date, the city has not approved any outdoor events in the Water Street Pedestrian Mall and the business community is reminded that any incidents that could compromise the health and safety of the public could impact the feasibility of the mall in the future.


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