Parsons Announces New High Sheriff

Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Attorney General Andrew Parsons, has named Derek Peddle as the new Acting High Sheriff for Newfoundland and Labrador. Mr. Peddle is taking over from Dan Chafe who was recently named Superintendent of Prisons.

Peddle began his career as a Deputy Sheriff in 1993 after graduating from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Criminology Certificate. He has had a distinguished and successful career with the Sheriff’s Office and has served in supervisor and managerial roles since 2006.

The High Sheriff is charged with carrying out the duties of the Sheriff’s Office which is responsible for administrative services to the Supreme and Provincial Courts, including bailiff services and executing decisions of the courts, judgement enforcement services under the Judgement Enforcement Act, jury services under the Jury Act and court security services under the Court Security Act.

Mr. Peddle’s appointment is effective immediately.


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