No New COVID-19 Cases

Once again today there are no active cases of COVID-19 in the province.

However, there was a positive test result reported yesterday evening. The positive test result was from an asymptomatic employee at Eastern Health, who was not involved in direct patient care.

The individual had COVID-19 in the past and had recovered. The test was done as part of a screening protocol, not because the individual reported symptoms of COVID-19. Local unions were notified last night.

The individual’s close contacts, both professional and personal, have been notified. Out of an abundance of caution, close contacts are being tested.

The public health evidence to date indicates that this is not a new case of COVID-19. The reason for this is that the test is quite good at detecting any viral genetic material that may be present even if the virus is no longer capable of producing infection.

In people who have recovered from COVID-19, the presence of such material could produce a positive test result, but this does not mean there is an active infection.

This means the total number of confirmed cases in the province remains at 261.

To date, 15,800 people have been tested.

The province will enter Alert Level 2 on Thursday, June 25.