No New Cases of COVID and Changes to Some Restrictions

There are zero new cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador today.

This means the provincial total remains at 260.

Of these cases, 3 are in hospital, 1 of which are in ICU. 253 have recovered. To date, there have been three deaths.

Regional Breakdown:

Eastern Health 242

Central Health 8

Western Health 4

Labrador-Grenfell Health 6

A total of 11, 105 people have been tested.

Tennis court may reopen and pet grooming can resume on Monday.

Daily Briefings will only be 3 days a week for COVID-19 at 2:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Updates will be issued via a news release Tuesday and Thursday. If things change and we have an increase in cases, daily updates will return.