NL Releases Plan to Reopen Province

Easing restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic is coming into effect. It will take place in 5 phases.

ALERT LEVEL 5: Effective as of today, residents can expand their bubbles and meet with other people in one other household.

ALERT LEVEL 4: As of May 11, the second phase will come into effect. This phase is when non-essential businesses and low-risk outdoor recreation can take place. Ten people will be permitted at funerals. Some medical procedures and child care centers may reopen.

ALERT LEVEL 3: (earliest June 8) Private health care can reopen this includes optometry and dentistry. Clothing retailers, hair salons, pet grooming can reopen. Restaurants will also reopen at a reduced level. Team field sports may start.

ALERT LEVEL 2: Small gatherings are permitted. Higher risk businesses such as gyms can reopen. No date has been set.

ALERT LEVEL 1: New normal. Festivals for this summer are not permitted. Will remain in place until a vaccine is available.

These restrictions can be alerted and we can move up the levels as well as down.