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New St. John's Housing Needs Assessment Released

On Wednesday St. John's city council had a first look at the recently completed 2023 Housing Needs Assessment.

There is an estimated housing shortage of 1,110 units this year, and this shortage is estimated to increase to 3,080 units by 2028 and 4,315 by 2033.

There have been overall increases in households living in inadequate and unsuitable conditions and an overall decrease in those living in unaffordable conditions. Renters have the highest rate of unaffordability at 32% – roughly 5,895 households – despite a 13% decrease between 2016 and 2021. Eleven percent currently live in deeply unaffordable dwellings.

The report recommends deepened and new partnerships with non-market housing providers, exploring ways to share data and communicate collaboratively, educating residents about local housing needs, and promoting and protecting market housing affordability.

The Housing Needs Assessment was completed by Turner Drake & Partners, in partnership with David Harrison, MCIP and Upland Planning + Design Studio.


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