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More charges laid in connection to recent fraud scheme

The RNC has laid additional charges in relation to a recent fraud scheme in the province.

The man accused of the crimes, 23-year-old Charles Gillen, now faces an additional 27 charges, including fraud over $5000.00, extortion, conspiracy to commit an offence and disguise with intent.

The scheme is known as a ‘grandparent’ scam where a phone call is placed to a resident with a caller stating they were a grandchild in need, followed by a supposed public official stating that a payment was required to release the individual from an arrest. This scheme targets senior citizens.

Gillen was held to appear in provincial court on Tuesday.

The investigation is continuing. The RNC believes this scheme spans across the country and officers are collaborating with police services nationwide.

Anyone who may have been a victim of this scheme is asked to contact the RNC.


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