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Minister Parsons Announces Support for Labrador Outfitting Lodge

Minister Andrew Parsons announced $31,670 for Igloo Lake Lodge through the Business Development Support Program to support the promotion and development of the outfitting business.

Igloo Lake Lodge has been in operation since 1973. It is a premier trout fishing lodge located on Igloo Lake, 113 kilometres southeast of Goose Bay, and operates annually from early June until mid-September. The main species fished at the lodge is Brook Trout, with the option of flying out to fish for Arctic char and Atlantic salmon. The lodge operates as a catch-and-release facility where no fish are retained to ensure the sustainability of the resource and continued satisfaction of clients.

The Provincial Government’s contribution leverages an additional $34,170 from the company, for a total project contribution of $65,840. The applicant plans to attend several sport fishing trade shows to promote the lodge and invest in a variety of marketing activities.


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