Minister Parsons Announces New Superintendent of Prisons

Justice Minister Andrew Parsons has named Daniel Chafe as the new Acting Superintendent of Prisons for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Chafe is taking over from Don Roche who is retiring after more than a 30-year career working in corrections in the province.

Chafe has served as High Sheriff since October 2015. He is a peace officer under the Criminal Code of Canada and a Federal Marshal under the Federal Court Act.

He is certified as a trainer in programs such as Road to Mental Readiness, Mental Health First Aid, and as a Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence.

Prior to his appointment as High Sheriff, he worked as the Manager of Standards and Compliance in Corrections and Community Services and later as Director of Quality Management and Support Services.

The Superintendent of Prisons is responsible for ensuring public protection through the provision of safe, secure, and humane custody of accused, detained, remanded and sentenced adult offenders across five correctional facilities and two lockups.

Chafe will begin his new role on May 1, 2020.