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McIvers family relocates house the old-fashioned way

Photo: CarolAnn Blanchard Park

In the late 1960's it was common to see houses afloat in harbours around Newfoundland heading to new locations during the resettlement program. Fast-forward to 2021 and it is still an effective way to move a house from point A to point B.

On Monday morning Daniele Penney and her husband Kirk Lovell, along with their family and friends, and Tex's Transport Ltd., moved the house from one area to another in McIvers.

Penney said the decision to move it was made when she discovered the old house was going to be torn down. She said, "we decided to take it and turn it into a family home."

This is the second move for this house, the first move was 80 years ago.

McIvers is located on the north shore of the Bay of Islands.

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