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Man Traveling 103 km/h Over The Speed Limit Arrested #nltraffic

The RCMP arrested 31-year-old Kendall Williams of Gambo for dangerous driving back on Wednesday.

At approximately 6:25 p.m., an officer from the Glovertown Detachment was on patrol in the Town of Gambo and observed a vehicle travelling at an extremely high rate of speed on JR Smallwood Boulevard.

The officer used radar equipment and obtained the vehicle’s speed at 143 km/h. The incident happened in a 40 km/h residential zone in the middle of town.

A traffic stop was conducted and Williams was arrested for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He was later released from custody and is now charged with dangerous driving.

Police seized and impounded the vehicle, suspended his driver's licence, and issued a ticket under the Highway Traffic Act for speeding. Williams is set to attend court on November 10.

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