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Liberal & PC's Propose Immigration Plan #NLpoli

It was all about the declining population for the Liberal and PC Party on Monday.

Liberal Leader Andrew Furey promised to build the population by tripling current immigration targets.

Furey said that he intends to bring new people to the province at the rate of approximately one percent of our current population.

The party also plans to develop culturally-specific social and recreational activities.

The PC Party has unveiled their plan to grow the economy while increasing the population.

The plan includes a workforce development plan to support job growth, families, communities, and immigration.

Increase the birth rate by committing to establish an in-vitro fertilization clinic.

Set immigration targets to ensure jobs are in place for new arrivals.

Support recent graduates of Memorial University by establishing a Graduate Retention Program that provides a $20,000 tax credit for post-secondary graduates who work in the local economy.

Extend MCP coverage for international students for 12 months after graduation to more easily allow them to more easily look for employment.


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