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Hidden Gem: Torrent River Nature Park

On the Great Northern Peninsula that are several areas that you don't see just by driving through. One such place is the Torrent River Nature Park.

Torrent River Nature Park is located in Hawke's Bay, a town at the mouth of Torrent River. The town has a population of 315 as of 2016.

Hawke's Bay boasts two unique natural attractions including the Torrent River Nature Park & The Hogan trail boardwalk, which leads hikers to a fantastic view of Torrent River Falls and Fishway and the Atlantic Salmon Interpretation Centre where Atlantic Salmon can be seen heading upriver to spawn.

Multiple inland roads link to countless lakes and ponds, where anglers challenge the large speckled brook trout, well known in this region and where you can expect to encounter many local species of wildlife and unforgettable scenery. Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to this area.

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