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Government expands program to get more family doctors

The Provincial Government has launched a program aimed at getting more family physicians in the province.

The program will make the Family Practice Programs the highest financial incentive offered to family physicians at this time in Atlantic Canada.

The Family Practice Start-Up Program will now provide $150,000 to new family practice physicians who open a family practice clinic or join an existing family practice in the community, in return for a five-year service commitment.

There has also been an expansion to the eligibility criteria to include residents in the first year of their program, as well as additional funds to support a fall 2022 call for applications.

Since the program was launched, 15 physicians have received funding from the Family Practice Programs to open or join a family practice.

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Benjamin Dana
Benjamin Dana
Sep 10, 2023

It is a pity where I am a Canadian and have to stay away from my family and kids in Canada and practice medicine in Europe as I can not go through the registration process. I would love to practice in Canada, but unable to as the system is so far off from straight forward that one gets lost in the process and just gives up!!.

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