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Funds Announced for Supporting Start-ups’ Research and Development Growth

Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology Andrew Parsons announced $109,350 to start-up tech firms, Averro Robotics and Technology Inc. and totaliQ Technology Inc., to support the growth of existing technologies and further Research and Development.

Averro Robotics and Technology develops innovative robotic solutions for the industrial testing, inspection, and certification industry. The firm developed an innovative guywire robot, known as ‘Rudy’, to allow tower and flare stack owners to conduct non-destructive testing without the need for rope access teams.

totaliQ Technology provides an expertise management platform for large engineering and construction firms, which helps them de-risk projects by leveraging their team’s collective experience.

Averro Robotics and Technology and TotaliQ Technology are residents of Genesis’ Enterprise incubator program for growth phase companies. Genesis is Memorial University’s support network for technology-based businesses, providing incubator space and access to marketing, finance and management expertise to companies with high growth potential.

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