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Dr. Fitzgerald provides update on COVID-19 guidance

Dr. Fitzgerald announced some changes to COVID-19 restrictions in the province.

At this time the Omicron variant remains the dominant variant with some mutations. All of the mutations to this point have largely behaved the same.

As of 12:01 am on Monday some restrictions will change. Anyone with symptoms should use a rapid test. If the first test is negative they should test again 48 hours later.

Whether they are positive or negative, they should isolate until symptoms improve with no fever. These individuals should also wear a mask for ten days or until symptoms improve and avoid visits to high-risk areas such as hospitals.

There is different criteria for healthcare workers.

If someone is a close contact with someone who is positive and they have no symptoms, there do not need to isolate.


Vaccines target Omicron

The province has been issuing a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna for adults 18 and older and those 12 and older considered to be at high risk for severe infection.

Health Canada has now approved an additional bivalent vaccine from Pfizer. The province will begin issuing this vaccine on October 28th.

Both vaccines target the Omicron variant and neither is considered more effective than the other at this time.


Uptick in the last week

Dr. Fitzgerald said that there has been an uptick in cases in the last week or so but said that it is nothing drastic and the hospital system is coping.

She added that as people move inside we could see an increase in cases.


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