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Digital Speed Signs Being Installed in School Zones #nltraffic

The Department of Transportation and Works has begun installing 165 digital speed signs near 81 schools on provincial roads, warning motorists who are travelling at dangerous speeds to slow down.

A contract valued at $1.1 million to supply and install the signs was awarded to Construction Signs Ltd. in March. Ten signs have already been installed near schools on the Avalon Peninsula and the department anticipates all signs at the remaining schools on provincial roads will be installed by the end of August.

Signs are being installed in all regions of the province, including:

  • 41 signs at 21 schools on the Avalon Peninsula;

  • 50 signs at 22 schools in eastern Newfoundland;

  • 38 signs at 10 schools on central Newfoundland;

  • 29 signs at 14 schools in western Newfoundland; and

  • 7 signs at 5 schools in Labrador.

When motorists are travelling above the posted speed limit, a message is displayed to slow down along with their real time speed. A second flashing message displaying the speed and a warning message is displayed for motorists travelling in excess of 10 km/h above the posted speed limit.

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