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DFO rejects FFAW working group proposal for Buddy Up

DFO advised the FFAW that buddy-up will not be implemented in 2J3KL for the 2024 season. Harvesters fear that DFO is failing to manage the fishery in a way that supports the continued economic success of coastal communities in Newfoundland and Labrador and warn that the Department is threatening to allow offshore draggers access this fishing season.

“Owner-operator fish harvesters who rely on the cod fishery have systematically and democratically worked over the last several months to find ways to improve our northern cod stewardship fishery, for the economic feasibility of the 2J3KL fleet,” says FFAW-Unifor Greg Pretty.

The FFAW’s proposal states that to be eligible for buddy-up, a license holder must have had landings (including landings for personal use) in two of the last five years.

The Working Group is hoping to meet with DFO over the coming months to talk about the implementation of the policy for the 2025 season and to reiterate the importance of the participation criteria.


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