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Details Announced on Final Step in Completing the Trail of the Caribou

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, in partnership with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Advisory Council and College of the North Atlantic, announced that InnovativeNL, an engineering and project management firm in St. John’s, has been selected to undertake the fabrication of a bronze caribou monument for installation at Gallipoli, thereby finally completing the Trail of the Caribou.

InnovativeNL will undertake the work at an estimated contract value of $194,000. The sixth caribou monument will be placed 25 metres northwest of the Hill 10 Cemetery in Gallipoli, which is the resting place for 12 Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldiers, including Private Hugh McWhirter, the Regiment’s first casualty at Gallipoli.

Expected to weigh 1,500 pounds, the bronze caribou monument will measure approximately 10 feet from the nose to the back and approximately eight feet from top to bottom. To assist with the fabrication process, 19 students of CNA’s Geomatics/Surveying Engineering Technology program collected point cloud data from a digital scan of the caribou monument located in Bowring Park as part of their remote sensing course.

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