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Decision to Ban Teenagers from Playground in St. Lunaire-Griquet Reversed

The Deputy Mayor St. Lunaire-Griquet Wanda Hedderson says that the town has put a rule in place that only children 12 years old and younger will be permitted to use the playground equipment.

At a public meeting, it was brought to the attention of the Council that equipment on the playground is being damaged. Hedderson says it is very expensive to purchase the equipment in the first place and in a town this size and tax base next to impossible to replace.

The other issue that was presented was older children being rough and making it impossible for younger children to be there to the point where parents/grandparents have had to leave with their children.

She said that it is definitely not the intention of the Council to prevent children of all ages to be on the playground, but when presented with this situation Council had to try to find a solution that works for everyone.

The Town announced on Friday that after consultation and in light of new information it was resolved that there will be no age limitations for children on the St. Lunaire-Griquet playground.

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