Corner Brook Woman Injures Police Officer & Charged With Several Offences

Corner Brook RNC responded to a report of a female causing disorderly conduct at a property on Gillams Road on Friday evening.

The female was warned by police and advised to leave the area.

A short time later she returned and continued the disorderly conduct.

The 23-year-old was arrested and charged with Mischief. During the course of the arrest, the accused assaulted two police officers. She was also possessing a concealed weapon at the time of the incident.

The accused has been charged with three counts of Assaulting a Police Officer, Mischief, Resisting Arrest, Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to the Public and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

She was held in custody to appear in court on Saturday morning.

One of the officers involved sustained minor injuries. The second officer was not injured.