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Contract Awarded for Design of New School in Labrador

By Cephas - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A new school will be built in Cartwright to replace the existing Henry Gordon Academy.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has awarded a contract valued at approximately $1.4 million to Gibbons Snow Architects Inc. for the planning and design of the new K-12 school.

A Request for Proposals for the planning and design of the new school was issued in June.

Once the design is complete, the project will be tendered in a single contract with three phases. The first will be the construction of the new school with a community library, pre-kindergarten space and gym. The second phase will be the abatement and demolition of the existing school, followed by the development of a new parking lot and play/sports field in the area of the old school.


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