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Consultation Supports Farmers’ Need to Address Problem Moose

Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources Gerry Byrne released a report on consultations related to whether or not to allow the shooting of moose causing crop damage on farms at night – a practice currently prohibited.

A common theme expressed by farmers at all sessions was that nighttime moose depredation negatively effects their ability to realize maximum profit and the shooting of moose is one of the necessary tools to control crop damage on farms.

The public consultations held in February and March provided an opportunity for input through four in-person sessions in Deer Lake, Wooddale, Clarenville and St. John’s and an online questionnaire hosted at

Other key viewpoints expressed throughout the consultation process included:

  • Farmers being permitted to develop farm-specific depredation plans that effectively consider the circumstances of individual farms when implementing forms of acceptable wildlife control;

  • The vast majority of crop damage occurs after daylight hours and throughout the night when moose typically feed;

  • Public safety must always be a fundamental concern when shooting a firearm; and

  • Considering use of non-lethal methods of wildlife control.

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