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NL a Leader in Collecting Court-Ordered Child and Spousal Support

Statistics Canada reports that of the eight jurisdictions in Canada that regularly report information, Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest rate of payment collection of Maintenance Enforcement Programs across the country.

A recent report showed this province has a 94 per cent collection rate, surpassing the national average by 15 per cent.

The Support Enforcement Division, based in Corner Brook, enforces child and spousal support orders in the province.

Collection actions could include wage and bank account garnishments, the seizure of assets, or the suspension of licenses, permits and even Canadian passports. Support orders can also attach funds that are payable to debtors from federal sources such as income tax refunds, GST/HST rebates, Canada Pension Plan Training Allowances and Employment Insurance.

The Support Orders Enforcement Act, 2006, was designed to ensure children and spouses receive the financial benefits ordered to them by the courts.

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