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NDP Leader Says Fiscal Management of the Province is Failing #nlpoli

NDP Leader Alison Coffin is calling the Auditor General’s report featuring news that says that province’s net debt is at a record high shows that the governments fiscal management of the province is failing.

Coffin says the report clearly shows that the province is still in a critical financial situation and that government has no realistic plan to turn this around.

“The Auditor General’s analysis finds that we are moving in the wrong direction in every indicator of financial stability,” said Coffin. “While the government continues to insist reaching a balanced budget by 2022-2023 is feasible, the Auditor General outlined the many risks to achieving this goal.”

“In fact, the Auditor General’s report uses the word ‘risk’ over and over again to warn of the many impediments that could affect government’s attempts to balance the budget in the desired time frame,” Coffin said.

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