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Motorists Urged to Drive Safe and Sober

Service NL is reminding motorists that it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Motorists are encouraged to arrange for a safe and sober drive home if planning to consume alcohol or drugs. Never get into a vehicle with a driver who you believe may be impaired and, if you suspect someone to be driving impaired, contact the local authorities.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, drivers found to be impaired while driving will face driver license suspensions, fines, vehicle impoundment and possible imprisonment.

Drivers under the age of 22 and novice drivers are not permitted to have any detectable presence of alcohol or drugs in their body.

Also, when cannabis was legalized, a zero tolerance rule was added to the Act for the presence of drugs for novice drivers, drivers under age 22 and drivers of commercial vehicles and taxis.

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