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Updated List of Power Outage #nlwx

There are even more power outages on the west coast from the severe weather. 

Here is the latest list...

Pinchgut Lake, Gallants, Georges Lake, Spruce Brook, Mcivers, Gillams, Coxs Cove, Meadows, Summerside, Main Street Pasadena, Little Harbour, Humber Village, Midland Row, Boom Siding, Pasadena East, South Brook, Pynn's Brook, Pasadena West, Little Rapids, Humber Village, and Steady Brook. Degras, Cape St. George, Abrahams Cove, Marches Point, Ship Cove, Sheaves Cove, Isle aux Mort, Burnt Islands, Codroy, and Port aux Basques.

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