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Vegetable Transplant Program Continues to Support Food Self Sufficiency Goals

The Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources Gerry Byrne provided an update on an initiative to help increase the variety of crops grown in Newfoundland and Labrador, and offer commercial farmers a head start to the growing season.

The 2019 Vegetable Transplant Program provided 1.7 million vegetable transplants to 54 commercial farmers at cost, compared to 255,800 transplants distributed to 25 farmers in 2018.

Based on the types and quantities of transplants distributed to farmers for the 2019 growing season, the program is expected to result in approximately $1.6 million in combined revenues for proponents.

Crop varieties included broccoli, cabbage, onion, kohlrabi, Brussels sprout, kale, leek, cauliflower, and rutabaga.

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