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EDITORIAL: No, Rainbow Poppies are not a thing

Posts have been circulating on social media lately saying that the LGBTQ+ community is attempting to replace the traditional red and black poppy with a rainbow coloured one.

There are already variations of the Poppy. Purple ones representing animals lost in war and black ones for people of colour.

It all started with an eBay screenshot of a glitter-rainbow coloured Poppy. The seller faced immediate backlash from people online.

So while they do exist, they are not something that LGBTQ+ are trying to change. One person, regardless of their sexual orientation, does not speak for the LGBTQ+ community.

Stop blaming the LGBTQ+ people for something they didn't ask for.

Also, this originated in the United Kingdom and as far as we can tell, they aren't even available in Canada.

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