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Scammers Spoofing Government & Police Numbers

Have you received a seemingly threatening phone call form a Canadian Government Department recently?

There is a good chance it's a scam.

There has been a rapid increase in scam calls lately and the phone numbers seem to be from legitimate government departments. Scammers are spoofing their numbers.

Phone calls usually get you to press one to be connected to an "agent" who tells you that your Social Insurance Number has been involved in illegal activity. You are then asked for personal information followed by a demand for money.

Numbers may appear to be Service Canada, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Never give out personal information over the phone. If you receive a suspicious call, hang up.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says, "When you miss a call and the caller doesn't leave a message, don't return the call. If it's important, they'll call you back. If it's a long distance number, you could be charged long distance fees."