Unauthorized Clean Up of Disposal Sites may Jeopardize Wildlife Investigations

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources is advising the public that while it is well intentioned, to not engage in the clean-up of wildlife disposal sites that are the subject of an investigation into illegal dumping.

On Friday, November 1, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers were informed by a member of the public about the presence of deceased rabbits at a location adjacent to the Robert E. Howlett Memorial Highway in St. John’s. The individual was advised officers would respond as soon as possible but were actively engaged in several ongoing investigations at that time.

Prior to being able to investigate the rabbit disposal incident, officers were advised the rabbits and other potential evidence had been removed from the area jeopardizing any subsequent investigation into the matter. As a result, enforcement officials with the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources are advising the public to report any discoveries of deceased wildlife and to refrain from removing items that may impede ongoing or future wildlife enforcement related investigations.