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New Appointments to Minimum Wage Review Committee

New members have been added to the Minimum Wage Review Committee.

Stephen Tessier has been appointed as independent chairperson; Allison Doyle is appointed as the employee representative, and Brenda O’Reilly is appointed as the employer representative.

The purpose of the committee will be to solicit targeted stakeholder input and report to the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour with observations, findings and recommendations on the current adjustment process for setting the minimum wage and the wage rate.

The committee will begin its work immediately and will report to the minister this fall.

In 2018, the Provincial Government amended the Labour Standards Regulations to set the minimum wage to be increased based on changes to the National Consumer Price Index.

Section 30 of the Labour Standards Act provides for a review of the minimum wage every two years. The most recent regulatory change came into force on April 1, 2018, which means that the next review should occur prior to April 1, 2020.

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