Research Project Demonstrating Potential to Supply Local, High-Quality Beef

Since 2016, the department of Fisheries and Land Resources has been working with experienced beef cattle farmers to expand the availability of superior, local breeding stock to reduce the need to acquire more costly purebred beef cattle from outside the province.

Recently, Gerry Byrne visited Spring Meadow Farm in Springdale for an update on the department’s Beef Cattle Enhancement Demonstration Project.

Eligible farmers had the opportunity to apply for herds of five Hereford cattle under the project.

Purebred beef calves were placed at Spruce Grove Enterprises in Daniel’s Harbour, Larch Grove Farm in Cormack, and Spring Meadow Farm in Springdale. To date, there have been three calving cycles at Spruce Grove, two at Larch Grove Farm, and one at Spring Meadow Farm, with a total of 25 calves born since the project began. Two bulls born at Larch Grove Farm have been sold as breeding stock to east coast farmers.