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RNC Operation Ragged Leads to Arrests and Seizures

The RNC has made arrests and seizures in connection with Operation Ragged.

Back in March of 2019, police initiated Operation Ragged in response to public safety concerns related to the discharging of weapons and arson offences.

On September 18th, officers executed six Controlled Drugs and Substances Act searches of residences, plus several vehicles on the Avalon.

Two kilograms of cocaine, over 1000 non pharmaceutical-grade pills, three high-end vehicles, seven firearms, and approximately $200,000.00 in Canadian currency was seized.

Additionally, bullet proof vests, masks, brass knuckles, a taser, a machete, money counters and a vehicle GPS tracker were seized in connection with the CDSA searches. The total value of the seizures is believed to be approximately $750,000.00.

As a result of this investigation, two men have been arrested and charged. Tyler Downey, age 24, and Jake Long, age 24. Both men are residents of St. John’s.

There have been arrests of other persons who were released pending further investigation. The investigation remains ongoing.

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