NL's Population Problem

The population of Newfoundland and Labrador has dropped the last quarter while every other province saw an increase. That says a lot about this place we call home.

In the province, there are 344,245 people aged 15 to 64 years and 101,025 people 65 years and over.

So after the demographics of those aged 15 to 64, the largest demographic is senior citizens.

For the age group of 0 to 14 years, there are 74,440 residents.

The population is aging and the smallest demographic is children.

The only way to raise our population is to get people into the province. Either from other areas of Canada or through immigration.

As of the 2016 census, this province only received 3,675 new immigrants.

This province does not receive many immigrants compared to other provinces.

If we want people to stay here, there need a reason to...