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Dorian Expected to Impact on Atlantic Canada #nlwx

Hurricane Dorian is expected to have an impact on Atlantic Canada beginning on Saturday.

The storm is expected to pass just east of coastal Nova Scotia and over Central Newfoundland.

As the storm hits Nova Scotia it will likely have winds up to 140 km/h, it will also begin to undergo a transition to post-tropical characteristics.

When it hits Newfoundland the highest winds are expected to be at about 130 km/h.

Rainfall amounts ranging from 75 to 125 mm are possible over Nova Scotia, eastern New Brunswick, and Prince Edwards Island. The heaviest rain will likley fall over Nova Scotia.

Western New Brunswick will probably receive 10 to 20 mm. Newfoundland will see the heaviest rain along the west coast where 40 to 70 mm of rain is possible, 10 to 20 mm is expected on the Avalon and in Central Newfoundland.

Large waves will also occur along the coast of all four Atlantic Provinces.

Any shift in the track will alter this forecast.

With files from Wx Centre.

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